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Keyword Analysis Services to Boost Your Online Presence

We offer stunning services designed to elevate your business performance and attain better online visibility while optimizing revenues and reaching a larger audience. With our outstanding Keyword analysis services, we assure you of higher ranking in search engines and heightened online business visibility. To achieve our scope of operations in Keyword analysis, cover content review to emphasize quality, keyword link signals, Nap consistency, and Google my business listings, to mention a few.

Our experts work on conducting a comprehensive keyword research and analysis audit to evaluate the placement of keywords and their impact on current Google search results. The audit checks current visibility, business listings, organic traffic, competitors benchmarking, local citations, reviews, analysis, and landing page audit.

Keyword Research and Analysis Audit

Keyword Research

Our experts thoroughly analyze all the keywords used in your website and from competitors’ sites. Keyword research is essential in creating a blueprint of the best marketing strategy for your business. We have SEO specialists who study your niche and keyword analysis to examine your current ranking and design or optimize your website content for better performance in search engines.

Competitor Analysis

Our keyword research and analysis extends to check for competition-optimizing strategies and help design better tactics that place your business ahead of the competition. Experts are ready to evaluate your competitors’ keyword activities, such as placement, search engine ranking, social medial presence, and technical & backlink outline. The process is essential in helping us create workable and unbeatable strategies that give you a defining advantage in the market.

Backlink Link Analysis

Our experts work on giving you an absolute understanding of your website performance, content authority, search ranking, and backlink impact on all e-commerce platforms. The backlink analysis is essential in estimating the authority of incoming links from high-authority reputable websites. Our consultants use backlink data to classify referring domains and evaluate their authority on social media pages.

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Google Listing Optimization and Management

Our consultants optimize your online visibility and local search results while leveraging Google Maps placement. Using Keyword analysis reports, we ensure your business ranks high on local search results to boost your brand appearance on all social media platforms. We also provide Yahoo optimization, GMB SEO, and Bing to give your brand more avenues for getting hire placements. Our experts further audit your brand information while comparing it to your competitors for a better local presence.

Keyword Research and Strategy

conducts extensive keyword research and analysis to uncover areas where your website could lose traffic. We classify every keyword used in your content and their precise location to further assist in crafting winning SEO strategies.

SEO On-Page Optimization

We use local SEO services to optimize your website content by aligning your content to industry standards. Hi5SEO’s location services equip your website with search engine optimization practices such as social medial alerts and homepages with geo-specific keywords.

Benefits of Our Keyword Research and Analysis to Your Business

We have a skilled team of experts ardent on details, ensuring nothing escapes their attention that could rob you the much needed online visibility. We monitor web traffic and page performance to offer your website better visibility guaranteeing increased sales and trust.

Pump up the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Strategies

Our experts are experienced in spearheading the success of any website that comes. We achieve this through the following;

What Sets Us Apart from Other Agencies

Our commitment to reliable services has earned us a robust reputation among our customers. We value our clients’ needs and make them our top priority.

Google Analytic Reports

Our experts use Google analytic tools to monitor local keyword performance unlocking online visibility and strengthening the results of your online campaign outcomes. We assess local search metrics, page views, website traffic, and bounce rate to understand website performance comprehensively.

We Play a Fair Game

One of our core values is integrity and honesty in everything we do. Using white hat SEO to boost results without spamming or manipulating systems that can cause Google penalties, we encourage website performance. In simple words, we don’t cheat to win SEO. As a top Google partner, we follow the rules to avoid jeopardizing your business.

Transparent Reporting

We give the actual status of your website performance so you can witness first-hand how our skills and efforts lead to increased sales. We have a custom of using Google analytic reports to give you a complete overview of website performance, SEO tasks performed, and their impact on your website rating.

Customer Reviews

I applaud Hi5SEO keyword analysis services for their hard work and timely delivery of my project. Within two months, Google ranked us first for all our keywords.

Your consistency and commitment to results have convinced me to sign another contract with you. Bravo!

Thanks to your services, I can enjoy a better online local presence and boosted sales. Thank you, Hi5SEO!

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Pricing Plans

The cost of our package varies with our client’s budgets, market needs, and annual revenue. We need to have standard pricing packages to accommodate our customer’s needs. Trust us with your job today, and we shall make your goals a reality and boost you into profitability.
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