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Technical SEO Services To Boost Your Business Performance

Our experts are committed to ensuring your website gets compatible to search engine requirements and can be crawled and indexed without flaws. Also, we work to reduce the load time of your website, making it easy for clients to navigate through your website.

Our Services

Image Optimization

Large images slow down website performance as they have a more significant load time. Limiting load time is critical to attracting more customers, which suits any SEO e-commerce. Our experts select the perfect images for your website that optimize giving key attributes. The result is increased traffic thanks to lower loading time.

Structured Data Markup

We make it easy for search engines to crawl, interpret, and present content using schema markup. We work on highlighting page elements, assigning data tags, adding schema markup, and creating HTML for your page. Our experts use Google structured data testing tools to test and diagnose issues.

Keyword Research

Our consultant work to ensure you have the most suitable SEO words, as they are the blueprint of any successful marketing strategy. Keyword research is essential in understanding customer behavior and industry trends. Our SEO specialists make recommendations of the most appropriate keywords that favor your business and improve search engine results.

Save more and get visibility for your business.

Backlink Analysis

Our specialists help you better understand your website by performing backlink analysis to ensure you only accept incoming backlinks from high authority and reputable websites. Using our specialized tools, we use backlink data to verify referring domains, site authority, and social media presence of the linking pages.

Penalty Recovery

Penalties from Google result from algorithm changes or Black-hat technical SEO. We help our customers recover from sentences using Google Search Console to determine the type of penalty affecting a website and asses suitable backlink strategies and recovery options. Also, we check for website redirects to ensure your website works seamlessly.

Website Migration

We perform the delicate process by designing a clear migration plan to ensure our clients retain valuable traffic. Our consultants perform SEO-friendly website migration that involves benchmarking analytics performance, URL mapping from the old to the new domain of all changed URLs, deleting duplicate content, traffic monitoring, and managing 404 pages.

Benefits of Technical SEO to Your Business

We are keen on details and determined to have our customers actualize their e-commerce goals. Our experts deliver better search engine results, SEO optimization, and increased visibility. Besides, we guarantee more sales through improved conversation rates giving value for money to our clients.

Social Media Marketing

We leverage the use of automation services such as emails and SMSs to reach out to more customers. Besides, we integrate your website into various social media platforms giving your website more visibility.

Save more and get visibility for your business.

Content Marketing

Our experts offer customized strategies to boost your brand through optimized content and increased revenue.

Automated Marketing

We are credited as the best agency to help clients incorporate automated marketing strategies into their websites. Automatic SMs, emails, and receiving social media alerts whenever we get mentioned are vital in achieving this objective.

Elevated Marketing Efforts

Our services further spearhead the success of your online visibility by making it painless to watch your search engine results rise while sales keep streaming.

What Makes Us Unique?

Over the years, we have worked on retaining a good reputation in the e-commerce industry through our commitment to offering reliable and result-oriented Technical SEO strategies.

Use of Google Analytic Reports

We are the leading technical SEO optimization agency for a good reason, as we use Google Analytics reports to monitor performance and streamline our solutions. We keep track of organic search metrics, website traffic, and click-through rates to boost performance.

Reputable Track Record

Hi5SEO is a technical SEO agency partnering with hundreds of companies in the U.S. to improve their online visibility. Our Technical SEO Audits have helped identify and fix recurring issues for hundreds of our clients and implement result-driven SEO strategies.

Result Oriented Technical SEO Strategies

In our initial consultations, our experts analyze and determine the type of campaign strategy, expectations, and marketing objectives to implement in every project. Using this approach, we ensure our tactics are aligned with customer goals. Our experts also maximize SEO distribution strategies to increase website leads, traffic, and sales.

Customer Reviews

Find a team of digital marketers you can rely on. Every day, we build trust through communication, transparency, and results.

Hi5SEO technical services helped improve our brand’sbrand’s online visibility attracting more local customers.

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24/7 Customer Support

We offer you a team of experts around the clock, ready to respond to all your queries and provide much-needed advice.

Pricing Plans

Hi5SEO is the home of the best Technical SEO services, and we offer the best packages. Our competitive prices ensure value for money while addressing all your Technical SEO needs for your website.


Trust us with your project, and you are assured of quality Technical SEO services transforming your e-commerce business.